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Non-Profit Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

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What Is Non-Profit Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?

Non-profit rectors and officers liability insurance covers the venture's directors and officers for claims made against them. Also known as Directors & Officers Liability Insurance, the policy protects against allegations of wrongful acts when acting as non-profit executives. Wrongful acts may consist of misstatements, errors, breaches of duty and more.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance can be crucial coverage for non-profit ventures, who operate on tighter budgets than publicly-traded companies.

What Are The Benefits Of Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?

Employees and customers can make claims against a company and its directors. Whether grounded or frivolous, the resulting legal expenses and reputation damage can be extensive. Directors and officers can be held responsible for the acts of a non-profit, which puts their personal assets at risk.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance protects non-profits and their officers from criminal, civil and regulatory proceedings from allegations of wrongful acts.

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