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Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas potentially present in homes. Commonly called CO, this gas has no odor. It also is colorless, so it is impossible to see it. Yet, even a moderate dose of it can lead to death. It is essential to know the risks. READ MORE >>

Car accidents and vehicle malfunctions can occur at any time. They can be severe, leaving the owner with a significant repair bill. Electrical fires are particularly severe forms of malfunctions, and they can be extremely expensive to fix. Every electrical fire situation warrants a different solution. READ MORE >>

General liability insurance can help cover many risk factors in your business. As a business owner, your goal is always to provide a product or service without causing harm to another party. Yet, there are times when you may say or do something that causes reputational harm to someone else. READ MORE >>

Boating is all about the social experience. However, because it often involves a lot of people, that only increases the need for boat insurance. Depending on how you plan to entertain on the boat, you might need special types of insurance coverage. Namely, you might need guest passenger liability insurance. READ MORE >>

As a business owner, it's essential that you protect your property. Whether you buy inventory or you have high-end equipment in your shop, you need comprehensive commercial property insurance in place. This coverage provides protection from a wide range of risk factors — including fire. READ MORE >>

If a flood happens in your home, you'll wonder how you'll pick up the pieces. A flood insurance policy can help you do so. Still, flood insurance is a tightly-regulated marketplace. You'll be able to get insurance for the property and possessions in your care. However, the coverage will impose certain limits. READ MORE >>

Working in real estate takes effort, but the results are often very rewarding. However, many agents and brokers forget that they need an additional layer of insurance due to the unusual amount of risk associated with their industry. Here are three reasons why real estate agents need a business owner's policy (BOP). READ MORE >>

Car insurance is one of the most important policies you can possess. Yet, it isn't the only policy most people need. Most drivers will need homeowners or renters insurance, along with life and health policies. Managing policies can seem tricky to some. However, insurers often offer incentives to help consumers stay vigilant with their coverage. READ MORE >>

It is not common for hail to cause substantial damage to hard surfaces. This can happen, though. The larger the ice crystals are, the more likely it is for you to suffer some type of damage to the home's surfaces. Depending on your home insurance, you may have coverage for this type of loss. READ MORE >>

No one wants to file an auto insurance claim in the winter months or during a storm. Yet, accidents increase during this time of the year. Being a safe driver may help minimize this outcome. It may also help you save on your car insurance coverage. Consider these safe driver tips. READ MORE >>

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